Vision, Mission and Values

Our goal is to become a leading retail platform within Saudi Arabia, the company will be driven by its Vision & Mission statement, Core Values which will guide all our strategic and operational decisions.


To become the leading retail platform where customers enjoy exceptional value products & services and an unmatchable customer experience, while creating sustainable value for all our Stakeholders.


We will make the House of Retail's brand, the preferred destination for our Customers and their families through laser focus on :

  • Great Value & Quality Products & Services
  • The Quality of our Employees
  • Operational Excellence
  • Superior Customer Experience
  • Superior Systems
  • Creating a healthy and fun working culture for our employees
  • Continues Improvement and by 'Never being satisfied'

We build long term relationships with all our stakeholders through being loyal to our values and by never being satisfied.

Excellence & Superior Customer Service

Operational Excellence and Customer Experience & Satisfaction are the focal point of all decisions we take.

Teamwork & Trust

We work as One Team, supporting our colleagues and trust them in what they do. What impacts 'One' impacts the 'Whole'


We hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable for delivering our Mission and Values.


Is doing the right thing when no one is watching. We will take responsibility for our actions and consider the effects on others.


We inspire our employees to grow & work at a level that they would not normally reach or try on their own, & develop a meritocracy & teamwork based culture.

Our Brands